366 chances to make your dreams come true

This is the last day of the year 2015 and yet, even if usually I feel like skipping it in order to get faster to the new year, today I wanted to enjoy it. So what if it’s the last one? Especially because it will never be again 31st of December 2015, I have to make it count.

But this is not about today, but about another year that passed, another year which from my point of view brought me many good things and taught me as many lessons as I had to learn. And I learned that if you fight for your dreams, you will eventually reach them. That in one hour, things can change from nothing to everything. That people can be two faced, but the thing that matter is your dear ones and your close friends. I learned that you can have lots of material things and when you do achieve them, they will still not fulfill the empty space that some people or memories could. I learned that sometimes, sacrifices, whatever kind they are, they would become stairs on which you can step in order to reach your dreams.

And yes, it is ok to cry, it is ok to show your weaknesses and your pain when you feel low, and then, get up and move on! As ok as it is to love from the bottom of your heart something or someone, until it hurts! And laugh hysterical, and act stupid and LIVE! These are lessons taught by the old 2015.

But the most important lesson of all was that from time to time, patience can be felt like the best feeling of peace that one could have. And if you accept it, take a deep breath and let it chill you down, you will get much faster and better to your plans and to your goals.

Never give up on your dreams, none of you! Because they are the only ones that can keep you alive! Never let others make you feel like you are worthless. Have faith in you, even when you feel like the world is falling on your head and always surround yourself with people who can grow you and inspire you!

Happy new year and don’t forget: never, but never give up! This new year you have 365+1 extra chance to reach your ideals! 🙂


New year’s resolution – NO resolution

Since this year is the second year when I am celebrating the New Year’s Eve at home, without a clear plan for a party, I had plenty of time to think about it. I used to have an “obsession” with planning this celebration and take care to always fit in every year, even if in the majority of the time these plans mostly failed and I ended up doing stuff I never planned to. Since last year I could use as an excuse of staying home my surgery, this year I found myself facing the reality – if you plan too much, you end up doing nothing. So I sit on my bed (like I always do – lazy ass mood 😀 ) and I started to contemplate the facts. Starting with the old way of mine of judging stuff, my first 2014 resume was that I had the worst year. And since the worst conclusion was reached, then I had enough time to revise it again, and again… And so, I realized how many good things also happened. How many of the people that had to get out of my life for a reason or another, just went away and how many of those who had to stay by my side were there. And the most important thing is that I learned great lessons. And yes, I denied this with every cell of my being in the first place.

Looking back to the entire 2014 year I feel two opposite feelings: pain and joy. Pain because I broke relationships which defined me, which gave me the power to get up and fight with myself to become a better me, and joy, because I had the chance to put on the right track my professional life and even if it’s still hard, I could never regret my decision.

What did I learn? I learned that sometimes, if you wait too much you lose the chance. There is no such thing as the perfect moment – we can turn a moment into a perfect one. I also understood that some people can be blind enough not seeing the reality floating in front of their eyes and even if you paint it in rainbow colors, they will reject it. It was also painful to find out that not always you receive what you want or what you deserve and when this happen it is clear that you have to learn something out of it (even if it’s not pleasant at all).

And I think that the biggest lesson of this year was that sometimes, you don’t have to be the one screwing it up, but it is enough to have someone in front of your eyes (not literally, of course) who simply doesn’t believe in you.

And I’m thankful. Thankful that I managed to forgive myself for all those moments when I was stubborn. Thankful that I am not hypocrite to lie when it comes to my feelings and also that I was surrounded by people who know me well.

To you dear B.J, who you happened to be one of my best life teachers, I wish you aside love, health and all the regular stuff, maturity. I wish you that the next year will give you the strength to bound with the true you and also have the courage to get out of the shell where you started hiding in. I wish you to have the chance to understand what it is forgiveness and make the difference between stubbornness and maturity. And jfyi, I will never give up on the fairytale I am living in, because a world without dreams is a dead world. So I hope one day, you will find out that. And maybe in that fine day, we will be able to share the impressions 🙂

For the rest of you, I wish you to hear the fireworks and let that terrible noise get inside your souls and destroy the pain, all the bad moments and memories from this year which is about to end and allow their brightness and colors to highlight the joy that 2014 brought you and also the one that 2015 will bring you. Remember, a start could never be a start without an ending. So just allow yourself (no matter how angry, sad, or upset you feel right now) to feel the joy of a new beginning. Put a smile on your faces and if you don’t find an enough reason for it, think at only one thing – you are alive – and this is enough of a reason.

As for my New year’s resolution? This year my resolution will be to have no resolution. Sometimes, faith knows better how to arrange things. Grab your love, your dreams and step in the New Year with hope!

Happy New Year to all of you!

© 2014, Raluca Ioana