3 bucks – sojourn for two

“April. 14 I think. And an intrusive rain start that seemed to want to ruin at all cost what was going to be the first sojourn for two. Unconscious emotions, a total madness to defy the traffic and the distance and…you. You at the gate of the “house” that was going to hide beneath newly born leaves a chemistry of which we were both aware, but which existence none of us wanted to admit. Or at least I didn’t. And fear. Oh, yes. I forgot about the fear.”

3 bucks – sojourn for two is the first photobook from the series containing 5 such illustrated books which wears the name of the site “The tale within a photo”.

I consider this and the rest of the ones coming small books because they have only 20 pages which concentrate through the text and the photos the whole story. There are 20 pages in which you can “take a walk” together with the character in one of Bucharest’s parks. I don’t know if you will be able to feel with the same intensity this walk, but I am sure that the landscape will make a summary of the “trip” for you, a trip made more between feelings than between the streets of the park.

The book can be ordered here as PDF for e-book readers, or here in the printed version. You can also find the preview of the book on the Lulu.com site, for those who would like to check out more. 🙂